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Custom Blends - Oil and Fuel

Looking for Custom Blends? Contact us today. We are your experts in Lubricants, Oils, DEF, Antifreeze and Performance Fuels. Be sure to ask us about our Custom Blending services as well.


Do you have a specific project or a specific blending need? Give Corey Oil the scope and parameters of your project and we can provide you with what you need on time, on spec, and on budget. Whether it’s blending oil-based, water-based, methanol-based, ethylene glycol-based, or many others, we have the capability.

Corey Oil has an array of blending tanks with circulating pumps and systems to make sure we provide a homogenous product blend for overall consistency. We also run specific gravity, viscosity, color, clarity, and boiling point tests, where applicable, to ensure that the finished product is blended thoroughly. If the specific gravity of a product is over or under the projected specific gravity of the overall blend then we know there is a portion of the blend that is not completely mixed with the rest of the batch. This is a part of our quality assurance program.

Corey Oil’s on-site lab can quickly run tests on products to determine viscosities, corrosion inhibitor packages, pH levels, filter patch tests, and more. This on-site lab allows us to run tests on products from a small batch of 275 gallons to larger batches of tanker loads. Additionally, we have a fleet with dedicated trailers and semi-tractors to deliver product right from our facility. Our company owned fleet enables us to run more efficiently and provide quick service to you, the customer.

Corey Oil can package your product into quarts, gallons, pails, kegs, drums, totes, iso-containers, and tankers. Please give us a try for your blending needs.

A few examples of the products we can blend are:

  • Spindle Oils

  • Drawing Oils

  • Concrete Form Oils

  • Metalworking Oils

  • Vacuum Pump Oils

  • Waylubes

  • Gear Oils

  • Transmission Fluids

  • Hydraulic Oils (Zinc & Non-Zinc)

  • Tractor Hydraulic Fluids

  • Cutting Oils

  • Heat Transfer Fluids

  • Stamping Fluids

  • Bar & Chain Oils

  • Windshield Wash

  • Propylene Glycol Antifreeze

  • Ethylene Glycol Antifreeze

  • RV Antifreeze

  • Ethanol-Based Fuels

  • Leaded Race Fuels

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