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Performance Fuels

Looking for Performance Fuels? Contact us today. We are your experts in Lubricants, Oils, DEF, Antifreeze and Performance Fuels. Be sure to ask us about our Custom Blending services as well.


For all of your performance fuels needs, Corey Oil has all the bases covered. Performance fuel is not a hobby for Corey Oil. We stock performance products year round and are always looking for new products and trends. We have dedicated tanks at our locations to receive and warehouse fuels. Whether you are in need of high or low octane, oxygenated, conventional, leaded or unleaded, methanol, ethanol, racing diesel, fuel additives for on-road or off-road applications, we stock them all. The number of fuels and the breadth of the product ranges we supply is second to none. Corey Oil has sold and distributed high quality performance products for decades and will continue for many more!

Having the availability to the fuels is one matter, but knowing which fuel to use is another. This is why we have an in-house team dedicated to provide information and knowledge on the fuels we sell, ensuring your engine receives the correct performance fuel it deserves. You work hard for your money, make sure your fuel works just as hard for you to provide that extra power to give you the competitive edge. An improper fuel can negatively affect performance which is exactly the opposite of what you are looking for when spending your hard earned money for a premium product.

Please call or email us with any and all of your questions. Do you have a tough situation regarding an engine not running the way you would like it or not running at its peak performance – or maybe you have changed engine components and installed new heads? Please let us know. We will help diagnose what is happening and propose what fuel would be correct for your specific application.

Corey Oil does not just want to be your performance fuel supplier, we want to be your performance fuel knowledge center. A place you can count on to get the correct answers when your path forward is not yet known.

Corey Oil provides a wide range of fuels in 5 gallon pails, 54 gallon drums, bulk deliveries, as well as transport loads. We ship performance fuels locally on our own trucks and use common carriers to ship throughout North America and beyond.


If you would like more information on performance fuels, please contact us today!

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