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Industrial Fluids

Looking for Industrial Fluids? Contact us today. We are your experts in Lubricants, Oils, DEF, Antifreeze and Performance Fuels. Be sure to ask us about our Custom Blending services as well.


Lubricants are literally the life blood of any industrial machine operation. The lubricants keeps the parts cool that need to be cool, keeps the parts protected, and reduces the wear on parts that need wear reduction. Corey Oil understands the extensive role that lubricants play in extending tool life, reducing overall operation costs, increasing plant air quality, reducing noise, increasing productivity, and preserving product quality. All of these benefits can only be achieved through the expertise of a knowledgeable lubrication salesperson that applies a thorough approach to a full plant analysis. We have the staff and personnel to provide plant surveys which look at all of the products currently being used and the corresponding applications of which the products are being used.

Through a plant survey, you, the customer and we, the company, can get a better high level overview of how all of the fluids are working together and potentially affecting one another. Consequently, the number of products may be able to be reduced, or a product that is negatively affecting another product may be eliminated as a better solution. Is your waylube lubricant and coolant working in unison? Are other shop oils affecting the rust preventative from giving total protection? Plant surveys will look at optimizing product strengths and weaknesses to reduce overall costs while providing better results.

If you would like to set up a plant survey for your facility, please let us know. We can set up a time with you to stop in and see how your industrial lubricants can be optimized. Additionally, if you have a quick question regarding your lubricants, potential lubricants, or your machinery, we can make recommendation over the phone or via email from our sales team.

Products offered by Corey Oil

  • Floor Cleaners

  • Weld Spatter Preventatives

  • Hydraulic Oils

  • Waylubes

  • Multiple Grease Types

  • Gear Oils

  • Cutting Oils

  • Stamping Fluids

  • Extruding Fluids

  • Compressor Oils

  • Food Grade / Biodegradable

  • Coolants – Mineral, Semi-Synthetic, & Full Synthetic

Services offered by Corey Oil

  • Oil Sampling & Analysis

  • Coolant Sampling & Analysis

  • Product Application & Research

  • Machine Failure Analysis & Review

  • Quench Oil Application

  • Rust Preventative Oil Application

  • Plant Survey – All Machines On-Site and the Recommended Fluids

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