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Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Experts

Looking for DEF? Contact us today. We are your experts in Lubricants, Oils, DEF, Antifreeze and Performance Fuels. Be sure to ask us about our Custom Blending services as well.


Diesel Exhaust Fluid, commonly known as DEF, is the most sensitive material to cleanliness issues of your vehicles, equipment, and investments. Due to this sensitivity, the objective is to keep the fluid as clean as possible and to handle any DEF with caution.

Corey Oil distributes high quality Diesel Exhaust Fluid that meets the ISO 22241-1 standard.

Many expensive maintenance and repair costs can derive from the improper handling and storage of DEF. Here at Corey Oil, we have invested a substantial amount of time, energy, as well as capital to the safe, efficient handling and distribution of our Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

A few of our major investments are:

  • 70,000 Gallons of dedicated storage

  • Dedicated piping, hoses, filters, & meters

  • Specialized equipment at customers’ locations

  • Rail siding for rail loads of Diesel Exhaust Fluid from manufacturer

  • Equipment capable of measuring & testing Urea content

  • Documented chain of command procedure for testing and accepting incoming product

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