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Lubricants Delivery Services

Looking for Lubricant Delivery Services? Contact us today. We are your experts in Lubricants, Oils, DEF, Antifreeze and Performance Fuels. Be sure to ask us about our Custom Blending services as well.


Corey Oil prides itself on delivering you, the customer, products in a speedy manner. Life is getting more hectic and fast-paced every year, therefore, we feel the ever-increasing importance to get products to our customers faster than the competition does.

We have a fleet of trucks dedicated to delivering products throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. We travel all throughout the State of Wisconsin with lubricants, while our Fuel products are dispatched from North Lake, Beaver Dam, and Baraboo, Wisconsin. If you have a site that is in need of fuel, please visit the Fuel Delivery section of our website for more information, or call one of our offices and we would be happy to help with the distribution of the fuel of your choice.

Corey Oil’s trucks consist of straight trucks, small tank trucks, 18-wheel tank trucks, cube vans & others. This assortment of vehicles allows us to service the wide assortment of our customers’ needs.

Coupled with our extensive fleet of vehicles is our second to none tank monitoring. We install, service, and monitor our customers’ tanks. These tank monitors allow us to see the level of fluid in the tanks from our offices and allows us to dispatch trucks according to low level notices. The tank monitors are run through the very same cellular towers that our phones use and have a 7 year battery life. This allows Corey Oil to provide long term, consistent service to you. Possibly the best feature of these tank monitors is that our customers can download an app on their phone or computer to view the current level of their tank and the past history of the tank’s readings.

If you would like to learn how Corey Oil can service you better than the competition, please give us a call.

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